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Charleston House & History Tour

Charleston, step back in history ...

Come hear the incredible story about our wonderful city known as the Holy City by the Sea,  and find out why that is, while strolling the cobblestone streets, the Charleston Battery and taking in about 300 years of Charleston, the ups and downs, the civil war, Ft. Sumter and beyond with Tricia who was born and raised right here. Your tour will be the highlight of your stay in our city and you'll see over 70 points of interest. 

Tricia has been giving tours since 1990 and was taught by the very best Charlestonian's. Her tour is one of a kind and is sought after by those who want a knowledgeable and Charlestonian guide. While touring with Tricia, whether it's a nightly tour of Charleston's oldest cemeteries and graveyards or a behind the scenes look at some of Charleston's most historic homes, gardens and history, you'll get an up close and personal touch of history as she loves sharing Charleston with locals and visitors alike with the history, the people and what makes Charleston one of the oldest historic cities and America's top tour destination year after year. 

The tour is not rushed and you'll feel as if you've known her your whole life as Tricia brings the colorful city alive. It's the best tour out there and you will be enlightened taking her tour. We love our tourists and want you to experience the best with our local tour experts. So come along on a fabulous 2 hour historic walking tour with Tricia!

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