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“Our First Ghost Stories of Charleston”

We wanted to say thank you to our great customers for their words. We are always pleased to hear about it when you have a great time! "Firstly, I'm one of those people who really wants to believe. But being in a technical field, the analytical mind invariably reels me back to look for a plausible explanation. So keep this in mind as I describe our evening. On this tour, do not expect a guide who gives a wooden and scripted regurgitation. Ms. Trisha is, in a word, authentic. Her roots in the area run deep, and when she begins to relate - in gullah - to the audience her conversations with one of her mentors, you will find yourself staring at a dark graveyard receiving a stern lecture about disrespecting the dead by trampling on their resting places. That alone was worth the price of admission, and the raising of hairs on the back of my neck. The stories simply flowed, with no awkwardness but with the grace of full familiarity of her subject matter. In other words, this lady would not be one to rely on a PowerPoint presentation. In all, her stories have a strength of conviction not found in other tours we have had in St. Augustine and Gettysburg. So much so that my analytical mind was quiet while she spoke, and did not re-engage until we parted ways." God Bless

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